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I am an upcoming DJ/Artist/Producer/sound technician who is 16 yeas of age. My primary interests are mixing good music, DJ'ing, Racing my Go-Kart, Computer Music Sequencing, Computers in general, Electronics, General Sound Production, Speaker and Amplifier building/installing and general sound engineering.

I am mainly interested in the creation of music. I create various genres using synthesiser, mixer and computer. Programs I generally use on the computer for sequencing and composing are Cakewalk Pro Audio, Rebirth, Fruity Loops, and Cool Edit Pro,  I like music mainly  including Rave, House, R&B soul, Aussie Hip-Hop, American Hip-Hop, Trance. I do lots of mixes and compositions of Rave/Trance style music and make plenty of Rap/Hip-Hop beats and also some R&B/Soul style beats with nice melodies. I do plenty of stuff with some of my DJ friends who are interested in the same things as me. My DJ Friends are Optics, Lapse and DJ Downie.

Optics and I Have developed a style together which we believe is quite unique and has plenty of potential for a good record label maybe one day.

Look out for demo mixes Of Me, Optiks Or DJ Downie in the future on this web site if you want to hear our unique style flowin' in to ya ears!


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